Charlie Hunnam to Star in ‘American Drug Lord’

Charlie Hunnam is an amazing actor. SOA was an amazingly awesome show and Pacific Rim was was a great action packed movie. Charlie plays an awesome outlaw, so American Drug Lord should be another great show or movie. Especially with that worked on American Sniper also working on ADL. So excited that there’s going to another Pacific Rim.


Just when audiences had thought he’d given up his outlaw days following the final of Sons Of Anarchy, rising A-lister Charlie Hunnam is set to return with the aptly titled American Drug Lord. 

Adapted from a Rolling Stones article that Hunnam himself optioned back in 2011, American Drug Lord will tell the true-life story of Edgar Valdez Villarreal, a Texas high school football star who moved to Mexico and became embroiled in the cartel drug wars. Appropriating the name ‘Le Barbie’, Valdez earned a reputation for violence, and moved quickly up the command chain of the cartels, even establishing his own before being arrested in 2010.

American Sniper scribe Jason Hall is handling the adaption, and Legendary Studios will be producing the picture. While it’s awesome to know that Hunnam will be back in outlaw mode, we won’t be seeing him as Villarreal for a while as he’s currently…

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True Blood Rant: The Problem With Sookie

So true

The Collective

"Guess I'll just wait here for the menfolk to fight over me...again." “Guess I’ll just wait here for the menfolk to fight over me…again.”

I beg your forgiveness, Collectors. I’ve been remiss in my updates on the final season of True Blood. We bloggers took a break, and then there was GISHWHES, but, truthfully, I’ve found myself without things to say about the middle episodes of the seventh season.

Not so anymore.

The finale approaches, and while I had hoped to see one of my favorite shows be efficiently and logically wrapped up in precise and poignant writing, it seems that it’s not meant to be. This is not to say, however, that there are not things that I like about this season. I love that LaFayette has a new love interest. I like the references to story lines in earlier seasons that were never wrapped up, like Jason’s issues with Hoyt or Jessica’s binge-eating of Andy’s fairy daughters. There are some…

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